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Indian Wedding in Granada

This is how Farouk and Seema described their decission of getting married in Granada:

“When Seema and I decided on the ideal place to do our wedding, we initially focused on Mexico. When we couldn’t make Mexico happen (because we scared away 2 wedding planners since our wedding was so complicated), we had to think about doing the wedding in the USA. We did not want to do this, but we didn’t think we had too much choice. Then, Seema asked me: if you could have it any way you wanted, what city would you choose? I said, “of course this is not possible, but Granada.” I have always loved Andalucia, and Granada in particular. Imagine our excitement when her email to you resulted in a response, then another, then another. Before we knew it, you were making our impossible dream possible.”

Finally, their indian wedding in Granada, came true. A big effort for all of us, but a great satisfaction to see how Seema and Farouk enjoyed that special day in their lifes: decorations, food, music … Everything without compromising their heritage and customs, everything in a city like Granada, in Andalucia. A perfect indian weddings in Spain.

Indian weddings in Spain

Indian weddings in Spain

indian weddings in Spain


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indian weddings in Spain


indian weddings in spain




Carmen de los Mártires Granada


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