We specialize in Luxury Weddings Organization in Spain. Your Wedding Planner Spain and Granada

Alhambra Weddings is a wedding planning company based on the principles of professionalism, value and flexibility; we offer you a complete service of wedding organization in Spain, from a full service, until the very last detail, to advice and help you in all specifics aspects of your wedding, to achieve the most special day in your life. If you are thinking to have a luxury wedding in Spain, where the top quality and passion for detail is what prevails, then no doubt, you can trust in our experience and professionalism. We have been planning the most beautiful weddings in Granada since 2008.


Alhambra Weddings – Wedding Planner&Designer in Spain and Granada. Your Luxury Wedding in Spain

Each couple is unique and therefore, every wedding is special and different, according to the tastes and desires of bride and groom.

In Alhambra Weddings, we don’t sell wedding packages as our weddings are tailor made being the reflection of the couple’s tastes and personality. We offer a truly professional service of Wedding Planner & Designer. Trust in Alhambra Weddings for the management and organization of your wedding for a perfect wedding experience in Spain.

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Once we know your needs and wishes for the big day, we will offer you the wedding organization services and providers that may fits your needs and budget.
The couple will decide what suppliers and providers will work in their wedding (always reccommended by AW) . This means that Alhambra Weddings doesn’t works exclusively with any vendor, so the range of providers for all services offered – photography, catering, floral decoration, etcera- it is huge.

Alhambra Weddings will manage, coordinate and organize the different services provided by our suppliers, our wedding’s market knowledge guarantees a top quality service for your wedding in Granada. But our work is not just a matter of logistics. We can also help you to design your wedding: theme, color palette … Trust the professionals and go with our experience.

Granada, the best place for a Romantic Wedding. Custom and Original Weddings

Granada and its surroundings bring together natural beauty, stunning countryside, architecture as well as a wonderful climate, which makes Granada one of a kind. In this privileged destination, nature is merged with a thousand year old culture, and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada with the Mediterranean Sea. Travel through the hidden neighbourhood of Sacromonte, the remote villages of the Alpujarra, be absorbed by the beauty of the Alhambra and bathe in the warm, clear waters of the Tropical Coast, very near from Costa del Sol; only Granada has all these luxuries to offer.
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The best suppliers for your wedding

Alhambra Weddings is a wedding planning company based in Granada that offers a professional Wedding Planner in Granada. Therefore, our contact with suppliers, is not just via phone or via e-mail, it is also personal. Our market knowledge about wedding organization in Granada, ensures the contact with the best suppliers, renowned companies and professionals in Granada.

How do you start planning a wedding with Alhambra Weddings?

 Our way of working in your Custom Wedding in Granada is as follows:

First off, a personal interview without obligation, to meet the wishes of the couple and the services they will require from Alhambra Weddings. After this first contact, we make a quote/wedding and design cost estimate. After this, the couple will decide to work or not with Alhambra Weddings … It is simple! This flexibility is a great advantage for the couple, because you don’t have to pay for services that you don’t need.

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