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Boda india en Granada - Alhambra Weddigs

Indian wedding in Grenada

After ruling out several Wedding Planners and possible destinations for their wedding, Farouk and Seema contacted us to consider the possibility -according to them, very

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Una ceremonia de ensueño - Alhambra Weddigs
Hicimos la ceremonia con Ana, y es un encanto, simpática cercana y atenta a todos los detalles. Hace que todo sea mucho más fácil. Sin duda 100% recomendables. Muy buenos profesionales.  
Boda 12/09/2015 Club de Campo Granada - Alhambra Weddings
Estamos encantados con la ceremonia que nos ofició Maria Ángeles, pudimos tener una boda a nuestra medida, con las personas que quisimos que hablasen, y música muy personal. lo recomendamos firmemente.
Maribel y Javier
Es el momento más formal de la boda y tener a Angeles como maestra de ceremonias un acierto. El discurso fue precioso y además nos dio unas clases de protocolo…. Es una profesional de las que están a la altura para vivir un momento así.  
Wedding Planner para bodas en Granada - 7 Alhambra Weddings
Contactamos con Ángeles para que nos ayudara a organizar nuestra boda en Granada. Estando fuera y con dos niñas nos parecía imposible. Ella hizo que fuera todo más fácil. Ponemos 5 estrellas porque no se pueden poner 10. Tiene una gran cantidad de contactos y nos dio infinidad de recomendaciones. Nos guio en todo momento y el resultado fue espectacular. Se nota que le apasiona lo que hace y lo disfruta. Nos encantó que disfrutaras con nosotros hasta el final de la celebración! Eso dice mucho. Tenemos un gran recuerdo de ella! Gracias mil!
Ha sido genial contar con Angeles
Great wedding celebrant - Alhambra Weddigns
We travelled from London to get married in Granada and chose Angeles as our celebrant. From the first time we spoke to Angeles over Skype, she was friendly, professional and easy to work with. On the wedding day itself, Angeles read the ceremony in English beautifully and helped make our ceremony perfect. We would highly recommend her as a celebrant!
Gillian Griffin
Our Wedding in Granada - Alhambra Weddings
Angeles was truly a heaven sent angel when it came to planning our wedding. Being in California, we knew it would be close to impossible to plan the wedding we had in mind without help on the ground in Spain. We wanted to honor both of our cultures through ceremony and food. Our plan was to condense two wedding ceremonies in one day- a traditional Hindu ceremony in the morning and a Christian ceremony in the afternoon, followed by massive spreads of both Indian and Spanish food. We had been working with another planner for almost a year, and three months before the big event we felt extremely unprepared with major tasks still unfinished including finding a venue and entertainment for our welcome dinner, transportation for our guests, hair and makeup artists, a florist, photographer, and a string quartet. Needless to say, we were extremely stressed. Enter Angeles. Within one week, Angeles took care of almost EVERYTHING on our list. Within days she had sent us lists of recommended vendors to choose from. She maintained constant communication and put our hearts and minds at peace. Her level of service was exactly what we were looking for from the very beginning. We arrived in Granada three days before the festivities began, which did not seem like much time to prepare, however since Angeles had done such a thorough job beforehand things went relatively smooth. That being said, there are always last minute emergencies that come up when planning an event, but Angeles handled them with grace and ease and reassured us that everything would be spectacular on our special day. Everything was absolutely perfect. From the sunset views of the Alhambra and the flamenco dancers at our welcome dinner to the gorgeously decorated mandap for the Hindu ceremony, the string quartet playing from the loft of the chapel, the mouthwatering Indian food, freshly made onsite. Angeles made the wedding of our dreams a reality, and for that we are forever thankful. If you are in the market for a wedding planner in Granada, Angeles is your answer. You will not do better than her. From start to finish, from your smallest wish to your grandest desire, Angeles will help make the wedding of your dreams come true.
Jaquelyn and Abhay Kothari
Encantada con Alhambra Weddigs - Alhambra Weddigs
Encantada con el trabajo de Alhambra Weddings. Buscaba a alguien que me ayudara a la organización de mi boda, porque con el trabajo y la familia no me quedaba mucho tiempo libre. Ángeles me ayudó en todo, además de aconsejarme en todos los aspectos. En mi caso fue una boda civil y ella fue mi oficiante, la ceremonia fue muy emotiva y bonita. Sin duda volvería a contratar sus servicios, los preparativos fueron mucho mas fáciles gracias a ella; y la tranquilidad de tener todo organizado y bajo control.  
Alhambra Weddigs
Cuando todo el mundo nos dice lo bonita que fue nuestra boda, lo bien que quedó todo, siempre pienso en la suerte que tuvimos de conocer a Angeles y su “Alhambra wedding”. Decidimos casarnos en Granada a pesar de no ser de allí. ‘Ello no fue obstáculo alguno para Angeles. Nos ayudó a contactar con los mejores profesionales, a calmar nervios y a apostar por los detalles. Consiguió conocernos en poco tiempo y ayudarnos a organizar una boda con toques muy personales, a nuestra medida. Si volviera a casarme contactaría sin duda con ella, gran profesional y mejor persona. Mil gracias por todo! Siempre te estaremos agradecidos.
Ana y gonzalo
Alhambra Weddigs 1
Dear Angeles, When Seema and I decided on the ideal place to do our wedding, we initially focused on Mexico. When we couldn’t make Mexico happen (because we scared away 2 wedding planners since our wedding was so complicated), we had to think about doing the wedding in the USA. We did not want to do this, but we didn’t think we had too much choice. Then, Seema asked me: if you could have it any way you wanted, what city would you choose? I said, “of course this is not possible, but Granada.” I have always loved Andalucia, and Granada in particular. Imagine our excitement when her email to you resulted in a response, then another, then another. Before we knew it, you were making our impossible dream possible, our indian wedding in Granada. Ya te dije que pensamos que viniste del cielo– que tu nombre, Angeles, de verdad significa quien eres: un angel que nosotros deberiamos encontrar para organizer nuestra boda imposible. Angeles, if we had not met you, our dream wedding in Granada would instead have taken place somewhere else. You made it so possible for us to do something like this in Granada, and without compromising our cultural heritage. You allowed us to have the wedding in one of the most special places to us, while allowing us bring our Indian traditions and customs to all of the events.And we know that it was not easy– there were so many details, so many more complications and requests than a typical wedding. And you did everything for us with your love and heart and because you cared so much. We are so lucky, so fortunate to have worked with you. Like everyone you found for us in Spain, you never treated us like “clients” and this wedding like a “job”. Instead, you treated this like something you loved, and it showed. There were so many details, so many little things you did for us. We know. And we are so thankful. We thank you very much, and we don’t say good bye. We say see you later. Love, Farouk and Seema
Our indian wedding in Granada: A dream that came true
Gran labor y dedicación - Alhambra Weddigs
Jorge y yo contratamos a Mª Ángeles para ayudarnos en la preparación de la boda y ha sido algo que volveríamos a hacer una y mil veces, ha estado pendiente de todo, nos ha ayudado muchísimo y ha resuelto muchos problemas cotidianos que en el estrés del día a día nos cuesta mucho resolver. Te damos las gracias por tu labor y por dedicarte a nosotros en cuerpo y alma, gracias a ti fue un día inolvidable. Un beso!!!

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